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If you are looking for the official U.S. Government forecast for space weather, please go to NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center ( This "Experimental Research Information" consists of preliminary NASA research products and should be interpreted and used accordingly.

5th NASA Space Weather and Robotic Mission Operations Workshop

Location: NASA/GSFC Bldg. 21, Rm 183
Date: Sep 25, 2013
Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm
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Session I: 9:00am – 12:00pm
Chair: Yihua Zheng

Time Topic
9:00am Welcome (A.Pulkkinen, NASA GSFC)
9:10am NASA GSFC HSD view of space weather (M. Hesse, NASA GSFC)
9:30am NASA SMD view of space weather and space weather needs (E. Talaat NASA HQ)
9:50am NASA HEOMD view of space weather and space weather needs (J. Allen NASA HQ) (WebEx)
10:10am NASA JSC Space Radiation Analysis Group space weather views (D. Fry, NASA JSC) (WebEx)
10:30am Break.
10:40am NASA GSFC space weather services: status, future plans and updated space weather needs document (A. Pulkkinen, NASA GSFC)
11:00am Space weather tools update (M. Maddox, NASA GSFC)
11:20am Space weather tools demonstration (R. Mullinix, M. L. Mays, CUA and NASA GSFC)

Lunch: Noon – 1pm

Session II: 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Chair: Marlo Maddox

Time Topic
1:00pm GSFC Earth Science Mission Operations and space weather (E. Moyer, NASA GSFC)
1:20pm GSFC Space Science Mission Operations and space weather (R. Harman, NASA GSFC)
1:40pm NASA Robotic Conjunction Assessment Risk Analysis (M. Hejduk, NASA GSFC) (WebEx)
2:10pm Break.
2:20pm Chandra radiation and ACE real-time data update, NPP charging anomaly (J. Minow, NASA MSFC)
2:40pm MSFC analyses of ISS auroral and solar array charging environments and effects (E. Willis, NASA MSFC)
3:00pm NASA GSFC Radiation Effects and Analysis Group work on space radiation issues (J. Pellish, NASA GSFC)
3:20pm Update on THEMIS/ARTEMIS mission anomaly analyses (M. Bester, University of California, Berkeley) (WebEx)
3:40pm Update on Spitzer mission operations and space weather needs (J. Hunt, NASA JPL)
4:10pm Workshop summary and discussion on the updated space weather needs document (A. Pulkkinen, All)
5:00pm Adjourn.