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If you are looking for the official U.S. Government forecast for space weather, please go to NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center ( This "Experimental Research Information" consists of preliminary NASA research products and should be interpreted and used accordingly.

8th NASA Space Exploration & Space Weather Workshop

Sept. 27th - Session I: 09:00am – 12:00pm
Bldg. 21 Library

09:00am Welcome and plan for the day one (Y. Collado-Vega, NASA GSFC)
09:10am NASA HQ Heliophysics view of space weather and space weather needs (S. Clarke, NASA HQ)
09:30am NASA HQ HEOMD view of space weather and space weather needs (J. Allen, NASA HQ)
09:50am NASA GSFC HSD view of space weather (M. Hesse, NASA GSFC)
10:10am NASA Technical Fellow for space environments (J. Minow, NASA MSFC)
10:30am Agency radiation requirements and overview of radiation risk (E. Semones, NASA JSC)
10:50am Break
11:00am Radiation operations 101 (K. Lee, NASA JSC)
11:20am Radiation hazard for deep space human space exploration (D. Fry, NASA JSC)
11:40am SCI systems of systems approach to space weather (R. Lewis, NASA GSFC)
12:00pm Lunch

Sept. 27 - Session II: 01:00pm – 05:00pm
Bldg. 21 Library

01:00pm NASA GSFC SWRC space weather services: status, future plans and updated space weather needs document (A. Pulkkinen, NASA GSFC)
01:20pm CCMC/SWRC space weather tools demo (J. Bobblit and R. Mullinix, NASA GSFC)
01:40pm Space Asset Protection Program & Space Weather (A. Adams, NASA GSFC)
02:00pm DSCOVR mission update (A. Szabo, NASA GSFC)
02:20pm Conjunction Assessment Late-Notice High-Interest Event Investigation: Space Weather Aspects (D. Pachura, NASA GSFC)
02:40pm CHANDRA space weather vulnerabilities and needs update (J. Minow, NASA MSFC)
03:00pm Break
03:10pm STEREO A health and STEREO B status (R. Harman, NASA GSFC)
03:30pm JPL space weather views (M. Ratliff, NASA JPL)
03:50pm Recent advances and future challenges in risk based radiation engineering (J. Pellish, NASA GSFC)
04:10pm Workshop first day summary and plan for the day two (A. Pulkkinen, All)
04:30pm Social at the Library

Sept 28 - Session I: 09:00am – 12:00pm (Human Space Exploration & Space Weather Focus Group)
Bldg. 21 Library

09:00am Welcome and plan for the day two (A. Pulkkinen, NASA GSFC)
09:10am Current space weather observational capacity in support of human space exploration (D. Fry, K. Lee and E. Semones, NASA JSC)
09:40amCurrent and near future space weather modeling capacity in support of space exploration (A. Pulkkinen, NASA GSFC)
10:10am Current ISS and future exploration space weather-related concepts of operations in support of human space flight (K. Lee, NASA JSC)
10:40am Break
10:50am Summary of the morning presentations and preparation for subgroup work. Presentation of the case study (Human space exploration mission to Mars with emphasis on both transit and surface operations). (Y. Collado-Vega and A. Pulkkinen, NASA GSFC)
12:00pm Lunch

Sept 28 - Session II: 01:00pm – 05:00pm (Small groups for case study; Template distribution)
Bldg. 21 Library

01:10pm Segment 1: Measurements – Instruments, location, e.g. energy levels of interested for particles, purpose of the measurement (subgroups)
01:40pm Overall discussion
02:10pm Break
02:20pm Segment 2: Space weather models – data input, real time availability, forecasting, purpose (subgroups)
02:50pm Overall discussion
03:20pm Break
03:30pm Segment 3: Concepts of Operations – courses and purposes of actions based on information obtained from observations, models, forecasts (subgroups)
04:00pm Overall discussion
04:30pm Summary of findings and closing remarks (D. Fry, NASA JSC)