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If you are looking for the official U.S. Government forecast for space weather, please go to NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center ( This "Experimental Research Information" consists of preliminary NASA research products and should be interpreted and used accordingly.

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Products & Services

The key objective of the NASA GSFC Space Weather Research Center is to provide the latest space weather information (including experimental research nowcasting and forecasting) to NASA's robotic mission operators, as well as DoD and other partners.

Information & Analysis

Space Weather Information, Analysis & Experimental Research Forecasts
The NASA GSFC Space Weather Research Center sends out timely space weather information/experimental research forecasts regarding adverse conditions throughout the solar system, such as significant CME events, elevated radiation levels, etc.


Modeling of the space environment is essential to providing both forecasts and information for areas where we do not have actual measurements. The Community Coordinated Modeling Center and NASA GSFC provides modeling expertise and data products in support of Space Weather Research Center.


Integrated Space Weather Analysis system
Developed at the Community Coordinated Modeling Center. Web-based dissemination system for NASA-relevant space weather information that combines forecasts based on the most advanced space weather models with concurrent space environment information. iSWA is customer-configurable and adaptable for use as a powerful decision-making tool. The system offers an unprecedented ability to analyze the present and expected future space weather impacts on NASA’s human and robotic missions.

Mobile Apps

iOS and Android apps for mobile devices
View space weather data anywhere with your internet connected mobile device.

Spacecraft Anomalies

Tailored Reports, Tools, and Services

The NASA GSFC Space Weather Research Center provides spacecraft anomaly resolution support and tailored space weather products for individual missions.

CME Scoreboard

Tracking CME arrival time predictions
The CME Scoreboard (developed at the Community Coordinated Modeling Center) is a research-based forecasting methods validation activity which provides a central location for the community to:
  • submit their CME arrival time forecast in real-time
  • quickly view all forecasts at once in real-time
  • compare forecasting methods when the event has arrived


Space Weather Database Of Notifications, Knowledge, Information

DONKI (developed at the Community Coordinated Modeling Center) is a comprehensive on-line tool for space weather forecasters, scientists, and the general space weather community.

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